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For some people, it’s all about earning an extra £100 a month
and for others, it’s about replacing their current income.


After getting £758 of orders in my first 3 week campaign around the kids, I loved it


Last year, my personal customers bought £17,000 of products. They love AVON


I may not look like your typical AVON rep, so don’t pre-judge who will do this and who won’t


I am amazed by how easy team building is. I had over 30 people join in my first month


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AVON is FREE to try. If you give it a go and find it’s not for you, then that’s the end of it.

Should you decide to continue, then there is a tiny £16 charge and even this is NOT payable upfront!
Avon will take £10 from your first campaign order and £6 from your second order.

Joining the right team is very important. You will be helped and nurtured along the way by people in the fastest growing team in the UK.

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